Things are about to get even
better - introducing Procorre logo

Von Essen's success has always depended on close working relationships - not only with our consultants and agency partners but also with Procorre, an established and highly capable professional services consultancy owned by our own holding company (Corre).

The good news for 2015 is that we will all be trading under the name Procorre from now on. This move is in response to extensive feedback from consultants and recruiters alike. Everyone working with us will now be able to access an integrated and comprehensive range of support across the globe, more easily than ever before. All of the services provided by Von Essen and by Procorre will be available under one roof, and that means new financial and operational benefits for everyone involved.

The integration of the Von Essen Group into Procorre was so much more than a simple name change. It was the opportunity for Von Essen to become part of one of the most exciting consultancies to be developed in recent years. Changes in the employment landscape mean that an adaptable, pliable, motivated workforce which can be deployed globally to do an expert job is an increasing requirement that is here to stay.

Procorre uniquely is all about its partners, as it grows the partners' wealth also increases, so contributing to Procorre growth becomes a given. Von Essen's expertise in global mobility and its international consulting experience make it a perfect fit with Procorre.

Together they are working to new horizons.

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